NGV Global

NGV Global

20-23 March 2017

Rotterdam Ahoy, The Netherlands

Natural Gas Fuel: The choice for a Sustainable Future


NGV GLOBAL 2017 Conference and Exhibition is the world’s leading natural gas conference, bringing together sustainable transportation stakeholders from around the world—fleets, technology companies, OEMs, infrastructure developers, fuel providers, and policymakers—to discuss the rapidly growing global use of natural gas in the transportation sector. The goal of the conference is to inspire increased implementation across all modes of transportation, by helping attendees understand the many economic and environmental opportunities created by the use of natural gas fuel.


NGV GLOBAL 2017 will offer participants the chance to interact with industry leaders on the evolving technological, commercial, social and environmental challenges affecting the NGV industry.

The theme in 2017 being Natural Gas Fuel: A Choice for a Sustainable Future there will be a strong focus on the positive impact of a cleaner fuel.

For more information on NGV Global 2017 Exhibition and Sponsorship Opportunities please contact Jose Solinap

NGV Global