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6 inventive ways to sponsor a conference

Posted on June 11th, 2018 in Engaging Experiences, Sponsorship Ideas

There are many benefits to sponsoring an event, the key benefit being getting your brand in front of your target audience. Even if the main sponsorship package has already been grabbed, there are plenty of clever ways to sponsor an event that makes your brand stand out.

1. Photo areas

Today’s conferences receive plenty of social media coverage, with attendees keen to show off where they are and who they are engaging with. Photos of certain areas like the presentations are always going to be popular, and you can create photo booths or spots where people can show they’re part of the big day.

Having an area near the entrance for people to photograph themselves is a great way to get branding of your company and the conference shared by attendees – whether they’re in the background or worked into the shot in a natural way.

2. Stages or speakers

Sponsoring a stage is a great way to add your support to an event, as everyone attending a presentation will see your name. For conferences with multiple stages, having one with your name attached will mean that people mention your name more often and see your logo on timetables and maps.

Sponsoring an individual speaker is another option, which helps align you with a top name in the industry. You’ll be able to create promotional material in the lead up to the event, like videos that get watched by people interested in the speaker, that also include your logo.

3. Wi-Fi networks

Wi-Fi and phone coverage can be spotty at some events, so setting up your own network can be beneficial to other attendees. Set up the network name to include your company so everyone’s reminded of you when they go online.

4. Charging areas

Phones and laptops are in heavy use during presentations, and many people are going to get the dreaded low battery warning. Trying to find a spot to charge up can be difficult, so setting up an area with chargers and sockets can be very helpful. Make sure you have some flyers, posters or a screen with videos to highlight who you are and what you do.

5. Play areas

Industry events are a lot of hard work, but everyone deserves a break. Having an area where people can unwind – say with a giant chess set or a VR headset – is a great way to do this. Depending on the game you pick, you can also have a regularly updated scoreboard in your area to make sure people keep coming back to your section.

6. Relaxation areas

Creating a relaxing spot for people to sit down and take a breather could be the best thing you do. Bringing in a few couches, some beanbags and a table or two gives people somewhere comfy to sit down and have a break. Attendees can also use this as a place to speak to others, making it a popular meeting and networking spot.

Many people think of sponsorship as a one-way relationship, speaking to potential customers rather than speaking with them. By providing something useful to them, or something that’s a bit fun or different, the dynamic shifts and you’ll find that people are much more likely to interact with your brand and remember you fondly.

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