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The Event

The Australian Energy Storage Conference and Exhibition (AES) was the first event in Australia to specifically showcase solutions and their applications for energy storage. 

The Objectives

To maintain its position as the industry’s premier energy storage event whilst developing a conference that brings a global community together.

The Results

In 2018, AES partnered with the Government of South Australia to re-locate theevent to Adelaide, the center of energy storage discussion in Australia. This re-location ensured visitors and exhibitors were positioned to capitalise on the opportunities available in this state.

As a result, 2018 saw a stellar AES, boasting the largest conference attendance in the event’s history. Attendance increased by 45%, including significant growth from the large commercial/industrial sectors, utilities, and the mining/resources sector. The 2018 event also saw the largest space occupied, the biggest display of exhibitors and brands on offer and the largest contingent of international exhibitors – it was truly record breaking Adelaide event.

Post-event surveys indicated that 100% of exhibitors were satisfied with the quality of attendees as well as the position of attendees. Further, 87% of trade visitors said it was likely or highly likely that they would recommend, specify, or purchase a product they saw.

AES has established itself as the leading dedicated energy storage event in Australia, creating a continually growing a community for the energy storage sector.

It gives me the opportunity to share with the house how very successful the Energy Storage Conference was in Adelaide. Attendance was up 45 per cent. So here, already, in South Australia we are starting to get runs on the board with regard to energy policy.

The Hon. D.C. Van Holst Pellekaan (Stuart—Minister for Energy and Mining), House of Assembly (2018-05-29)

AES is always my go-to event for the latest information and networking opportunities in the energy storage sector.

Dr Ian Watkins, Chief Technology Officer, Ianventor