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An easy-to-follow guide for exhibition stand staff

Posted on April 12th, 2018 in Exhibition First Timers, Exhibitor Information, Stand Etiquette

No matter how great your planning, your marketing and your stand are, if your staff seem rude or disinterested, it’s unlikely you’re going to have a successful exhibition. There’s nothing particularly difficult or taxing about good exhibition etiquette, but the benefits of following a few simple rules can be incredible.

Have a dress code

The term ‘dress to impress’ has never been more important for your company than at an exhibition. Smart business wear is the go-to dress code for industry events, as it’s one that implies professionalism.

Certain exhibitions can benefit from staff dressing down a bit. For example, at a motoring event you can carry off a more genuine air by wearing mechanics’ overalls – just be sure to splash out on a new, clean set for the event.

Wearing comfortable shoes is also important for those who are going to be on their feet all day, but this must be tempered with the overall look of the outfit and your stand.

Wear name tags

Along with a uniform of sorts, having a name tag helps identify who’s working at a stand. It puts attendees at ease because, after meeting so many people at an event, it’s common to start forgetting names. Having a name tag reduces the anxiety of having performed that social faux pas, and means people can chat to your team more comfortably.

Avoid distractions

Even when your stand is quiet and it seems like everyone’s avoiding you, it pays to be alert. Sneaking a quick sandwich or having a look at your Facebook updates on your phone not only looks unprofessional, it means you can miss a potential customer walking by while your attention is elsewhere.

During quiet times, it can be tempting to chat among your colleagues or with those in nearby stands, but this can be off-putting for people who don’t want to interrupt. While a quick catch up can be beneficial, always cut your own conversations short in favour of speaking to other attendees.

Keep the stand tidy

Hopefully, you’ll be busy throughout the day, but it’s still important to take a second to make sure everything at your stand is in order. Throw away any empty coffee cups left by visitors, keep leaflets tidy and make sure that all your promotional material is well-stocked. While being slightly unkempt can be a sign that you’re busy, there’s a fine line before you look unprofessional.

Be cheery

No matter what sort of day you’re having, it’s important to stay upbeat at an exhibition. Everyone you speak to is a potential customer, and making sure they feel valued and like you want to talk to them is vital.

Opening conversations with a cheery hello and a well-rehearsed line about your company, its products and how they can benefit others can help you get more leads.

At the end of the day, it’s your staff who are not only representing your company, but also selling its benefits. If they seem sullen, unprofessional or like they want to be elsewhere, it’s a lot harder for them to engage with people and convince them to do business with you. It doesn’t take much to change this perception, but it does have a huge impact.

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